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for anybody not a secret, the treatment of any disease requires certain financial expenses. Modern medical facilities for a number of reasons are not cheap, but a person always has the choice to pay a lot for the original drug or by analogue at a more reasonable price.

Today almost every drug is an analogue and not one, the price of which significantly differ from the original drugs. Let us consider what are most of these analogues.

Analogue drug: What is it?

these drugs are also known as generics . Their main active substances similar to expensive original equipment, only one difference: the chemical composition of these drugs can be significant differences from the original formula and others can be dosage or pharmaceutical form. By the way, generics to buy in Moscow online store .

Large pharmaceutical companies are investing huge funds in development of the formula of a new drug, correction of its chemical composition so that it corresponded to requirements and norms of a given country, the implementation of costly, numerous studies, and testing and trials of these drugs. Ultimately, these companies acquire a patent for an invention that allows them the right to become the sole manufacturer of this medicine.

As a result, cost this drug is of course going to be expensive, because the cost of the drug incorporated many of the development, and the main goal of the manufacturer is to return the money invested in its creation. But the purchased patent has a specific duration, after which any pharmaceutical firm can produce the same drug (generics).

counterparts Are much cheaper than the originals, because the company that produce them, not a penny spent on their development and testing they just take ready-made formula based on equity.

Generics: Key benefits

the Main generics are:

  1. maintain the basic substances of the original (analogs have the same effect on the human body as the originals, since they contain the same active ingredients);
  2. Relatively low price, making them accessible to almost everyone;
  3. in addition, the generics no one is doing (it's simply not profitable given their high cost).

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