Generics: What are they?

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for the past several years there has been a debate about what is better: the original drugs or generics. Opponents of generic drugs are sure that they have to examine, but advocates say generics is just a cheap version of the expensive original drugs. Why pay more? Today, we learn more what are generics, and whether they should buy instead of expensive drugs and tell us about this employee online store , which can be directly to look at the price and buy generics in Moscow.


What are generics?

Generic represent generic drugs that are analogues of original drugs. They are produced by pharmaceutical companies which do not have any relationship to the manufacture of it active ingredients. In other words, they do not invest in something to develop or to purchase inexpensive raw materials, explaining that the active ingredient in the composition of both drugs is the same. All this affects the cost of cheap generics.

the Main differences from the original generics drugs:

  • Name;
  • Taste;
  • Size;
  • Form;
  • Auxiliary substances, which are part of the product;
  • the absence of the original patent;
  • the manufacturing process;
  • is Cheap. But this is not always the case. Sometimes you can find generics, the cost of which is not very different from the original products;
  • Different side effects. They directly depend on auxiliary substances included in their composition.

Q: is it possible to use instead of the original drugs, generics?

of Course, you can. But it is important to remember several main rules that must be required to comply with:

  1. Before you buy generics primarily consult your doctor or pharmacist;
  2. be Sure to read the instructions before buying generics. Information about purchased your product must be printed in clear font on quality paper;
  3. In this instruction, you will always find the phone number and address of the firm, which manufactures generic drugs;
  4. it is best to buy medicines from world famous companies.


so today we found out that generics is a cheaper analog of expensive drugs. To buy them you can safely, without fear of any negative consequences. The main thing to do after consultation with your doctor and only well-known pharmaceutical companies.

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