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the Prospect of becoming a car owner in the here and now can turn the head of anyone. Even the most sober-minded visitors to the showrooms from time to time, eyeing one or other loan program. A modern barkers of credit departments of large and small banks, taking advantage of this interest of potential customers, offer sufferers a variety of options of loans to suit all tastes and budgets. And after such an information attack to resist the magic of a loan is almost impossible.

However, the effects of unreasonable choice of the credit programs are able to poison the joy of owning even the best car in the world . Therefore, trying on a car loan to your budget, the future owner of the car must know the answers to the following questions:

by answering these questions you can take the right loan is different from predatory offers , the terms of which borders with such a devilish invention of the bankers as mortgage.

if we compare this list of questions with programs a car Loan for a used car offered by Russian banks this autumn, we will unfold the following picture:

1. From the standpoint of minimizing the inevitable overpayment the best offer, you can read the credit programs of banks ATB (overpayment from 35 000 rubles), Preservance (overpayment from 62 000) and CB Petrocommerce (overpayment from 63 000). Very close to the positions of the three leaders of the suitable credit program tank URALSIB (overpayment 63 800 rubles), OJSC Bank of Moscow (overpayment 63 900 rubles) and JSC ICB (overpayment 65 000).

in addition, from the point of view of the inevitable overpayment a car loan for a used car, you can (and should) be assessed in such a position, as the interest rate of the loan. And from this point of view, the car loan is beneficial to take only the case that this rate will be minimal. And like that, the best deals in the fall of 2017 ready to make: ATB (from 7.5 percent), OAO "ICB" (12 percent) and JSC AIKB Tatfondbank (12.5 percent). However, the position of OAO URALSIB , OAO KB Petrokommerts and ROSENERGOBANK, offering loans at 13 percent, only slightly behind the three leaders.

2. From the standpoint of the transparency of the loan agreement the loan is beneficial to take in institutions such as ATB , OJSC Bank of Moscow and OAO URALSIB . These financial institutions do not charge a fee for the loan and immediately warn about the size of penalties for non-payment and the need for risk auto insurance hull and CTP. Somewhat less attractive is the programme CJSC Promsberbank , charge a fee in the amount of 1 000 rubles for loan processing, and OAO AIKB Tatfondbank , satiate your loan package is a series of requisitions in favor Dsir, abandon which can only be the case if the interest rate on the loan will rise 2 percent.

3. From the standpoint of minimizing the monthly payment on the loan a car loan for a used car is most advantageous to take the ATB (payment from 9300 rubles), CJSC Promsberbank JSC AIKB Tatfondbank (payment of 10 000 rubles), OAO KB Petrokommerts , OAO Bank of Moscow and OJSC URALSIB (payment from 10 to 100 rubles).

in addition to the above intricacies of the lending process future car owner must take into account such item of the credit agreement, as the possibility of early repayment of the loan. And from this point of view the best deals make OOO ATB CJSC Promsberbank and OAO KB Petrokommerts , ready to accept payments and monthly and parts and as a whole, without any fees and penalties for early repayment.

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  • How much I overpaid for this credit program?
  • does this program hidden fees and payouts?
  • What part of their monthly income I would have to give the Bank in the form of loan payment?
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