It tests the expert at the time of collection of the vehicle?

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Every vehicle inspection is a serious list of works of the expert, which he performs for competent to determine the technical condition of the car and its readiness for further operation. We can not say also about identifying the main aggregates and units, frequency of service and care.

so, what draws the attention of a specialist, carrying out ?

  • Diagnosis of the body and paintwork with the mandatory use of professional engineering;
  • the
  • verification of the transmission and engine. In this case, since there is visual inspection of heat oil and checking the work on site. It is useful to check the degree of the working fluids and condition of belts and rollers;
  • the
  • system diagnostics steering and rack and brake system;
  • the
  • diagnostics of tires and wheels, security system and other units, type;
  • the
  • diagnostics electricians and operate any and all functions;
  • the
  • inspection of the cabin. As a rule, the analysis on the subject of holes, scuffs, burn marks and the condition of the salon in General. We can not say also on the evaluation of management options auto salon;
  • the
  • verifying completeness of equipment. In this case, the inspection of all that comes with the machine. It also checks the activities of the security systems and other equipment;
  • the
  • test drive and test drive the vehicle. Is only allowed with the permission of the owner of an expert;
  • the
  • checking the package of documents and examination of crime type.

it is safe to say that checking the car when buying is important, because it determines subsequent operation of all components and assemblies of the vehicle.

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