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brickyard LODE is a Latvian company engaged in the production of ceramic bricks, building blocks, Borisovny ceramic blocks, furnace bricks, paving blocks. The products of this company always pleases with its excellent quality characteristics, which are today find out more.

Features construction material from TM LODE

Face brick Latvian plant Lod is in high demand among many buyers. This is due to the impeccable properties of bricks LODE:

  • low moisture absorption (5-10%);
  • the
  • increased resistance to sudden temperature changes;
  • the
  • good insulation properties;
  • the
  • high environmental index;
  • the
  • excellent durability;
  • the
  • frost.

the Manufacturer offers its customers a material different sizes and textures. Today we can distinguish several types of samples surface: smooth, antique , rough. As for the color decision, brand Lod produces red, brown and yellow brick.

Ordinary (building) blocks have the same properties as the previous counterparts . They have an excellent resistance to mechanical stress, regular geometric forms and presentable appearance.

No less popular in our country is a brick kiln Lod. He is perfectly suited for lining stoves, fireplaces, chimneys. These instances are characterized by fire resistance and resistance to permanent temperature changes.

the Production of the model range

For the manufacture of the above-mentioned building material is used only high-quality selected raw materials. Fusible clay is mined from different quarries and mix thoroughly with her. Components stored for about 6 months and then starts processing under the control of the technologists of the enterprise. Clay goes through a special press to produce raw sugar of a certain shape and size.

followed by two main stages to production: drying and high temperature firing in tunnel kilns. Typically, samples are baked at a temperature of about 1000 degrees Celsius. This unique technology is quite effective and allows to obtain products with a long service life. Buy a brick Lode on favorable terms in Minsk the company offers . The site also presents a wide range of different building materials for your house and land.

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