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the Obvious group of death in the forthcoming world Cup there, but we should also highlight the group D, in which is located the two strongest teams Argentina and Croatia. The match between these teams will take place on 21 June in Nizhny Novgorod, and this meeting promises to be most spectacular in the group stage. Both teams have an incredible set of players and should be able to qualify for the finals of the tournament.

Our site offers bet on "Croatia will not lose" because the bookies offering odds on this outcome. Argentina is not a triumphant car, and the Croats have a balanced composition and great players. During the match, the initiative may well capture the Croats as the Croatian national team Midfielders (Modric, Rakitic and Brozovich) are more technical and played. At the same time, in Argentina there is no one technical midfielder. Of course, as example, the ever Banega or Javier Pastore, but the first is more offensive players who do not like to defend, and secondly, their level is still not up to Croatian.

at least it looks great offensive line for the Croatian national team. To your left you can play two player: Ivan Perisic and Mario Mandzukic. The second is used in this position in Juventus for more than a year, and copes with this task perfectly. The left can play Marco Piazza Marco horn, and as a centre-forward with a high probability will be used Andrew Kramaric (there is almost no doubt that he will win the competition for Nikola Kalinic).

So, the Croats in the team there is virtually no weaknesses, while the Argentines have problems in defence and midfield. Also, the problem of the Argentine national team could be the tying game one Messi, which is very readily practiced Sampaoli.

For those who want to take a chance and win a large sum, fit bet "winning of Croatia." Current team from the Balkan Peninsula are quite capable of it.

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