Is it worth it to study abroad?


Education abroad is a privilege of the big clever and the rich. I think most of us. And may we go to Europe, foreign Universities for yet unattainable dream. So the question is: "do not go there to gnaw the granite of science in the same neighboring country (not to mention the UK, USA or Canada)?", often in families of ordinary Ukrainians are not even discussed. But such a perspective is so positive! Why not to try? We will discuss this question today on a particular example of a simple Ukrainka.



Oksana from Kiev Oleynik decided to go to study abroad, she has successfully graduated from the national aviation University. Worked in the capital the firm that sells yachts. A decent income, international meetings, conferences... the Girl left everything and became a graduate student at Wroclaw Polytechnic University in Poland. Family Council to go not to go was not native Oksana just put before the fact.

I Read in the newspaper about the project, participation in which invited those who wish to study in Wroclaw, and secretly, filed documents. Subsequently said about this father. And the whole family learned of her plans only when the girl already had a visa and a train ticket. Everyone was in shock. No one could not think that if Oksana will decide to study further, it would not be in his native country.

She still remembers how came to Poland with a huge Luggage and a piece of paper with written in the Polish language the right phrase. And when watching movies with the poles didn't know where to laugh. Intensive Polish, decommissioned unfamiliar words paper and the language barrier as there was. After nearly a year of learning Oksana is convinced that education abroad is a chance to do something that did not, when I was a student.

the study in Poland has always been my dream. Made every effort, despite the fact that in a small town to find information about studying abroad is not easy. We had to travel, to call, to look. Parents although he suffered, let me go to another country right after school, but was very excited says the girl. She is now happy that we were able to achieve a small goal. But it is that small. Still she is found.



As we can see, it's all in our hands. If you want to move forward and achieve career growth, then you need to act and to do something. Recommend starting with study abroad. And the story of the girl you should be a good cautionary example.

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