Towel warmer: How to choose?


the heated Towel rail is a practical and popular source of heating. It can be installed in the bathroom and in other rooms. Its unique design allows you to quickly dry all kinds of things.

Before you buy a towel warmer, we recommend you to find out what are their models and what are the main advantages and tell us about this employee online store , where it can directly purchase.


What are towel warmers?

All towel rails are divided into:

  • electrical; and
  • water;
  • combined.

Water is often heated towel rail connected to the heating system (both Central and individual). Electrical, in turn, require for installation only a free outlet, but the combined heat the room and dry the thing as with water heating and without it.


the shape of the towel: What is it like?

Towel warmers are simple M, or U - shaped. Sometimes they are made in the form of simple bars or other fancy shapes. By the way, any model of the towel has the form of a tubular heating device.


How to install a heated towel rail?

Often the acquire directly heated towel rail for the bathroom, but sometimes an electric towel rail can be installed in other rooms. This gives you the ability to create a good place for drying clothes in any room.


Water or electric: Which towel warmer to choose?

If in the room where you intend to install the towel warmer, there is a spare socket, in this case, it is best to buy an electric model. It has its pluses in front of the water directly in the cost of installation, cost of the design and the ability to maintain the desired temperature. It is well known that the temperature of the water in centralized heating systems is not very high. Electric towel rail it is only necessary to turn on and after some time in the bath is a comfortable temperature.

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