Specialist in operation of lift equipment: What are his responsibilities?


the Elevator is a moving vehicle, which put into operation at home (mostly flats) and municipal buildings, which are engaged in the delivery of goods or cargo at the highest levels.

it is Clear that by itself, the design is complicated, but the Elevator control is usually carried out without any special knowledge. But the responsibility for safety in the operation of Elevator equipment lies on skilled professionals. They perform one important function in the management of elevators.


do I Need training for professionals involved in management of elevators?

experts in the organization and operation of the elevators, maintenance and repair of elevators must have to pass a professional exam in order to confirm their qualification.

Only employees with higher qualification have the ability to do routine inspections and maintenance works on the equipment. For this reason, in order to observe all the rules and orders of the Ministry, each firm needs to conduct training on the operation of lifts in a certified educational institution. This applies to individuals such as:

  • Professionals who are responsible for the operation of lift equipment;
  • Electricians that do repairs and carry out maintenance of elevators;
  • .

effort primarily directed to those who are undergoing training, possessed a sufficient level not only theoretical but also practical knowledge. This will allow the technician to monitor the safe operation of lifts at the highest professional level.


What are the duties of a Servicer of elevators?

a Specialist in working with the elevators in the first place, should:

  1. in order to Monitor the operation of lifts is carried out only in safe mode;
  2. to Watch over the work of personnel operating lifts;
  3. to train subordinates, to continuously strengthen their knowledge and affirm their qualifications;
  4. to ensure that all staff is engaged in maintenance of the lift was provided with the right tools, devices and means of individual protection;
  5. to Help organize the work on the inspection of elevators.


it is Clear that for the fulfilment of the above functions necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills which can only be obtained in special courses, where the training of specialists in operation of lifts under the supervision of highly qualified teachers.

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