Cleaning of boilers: How to do it right?


"cleaning a boiler is a necessary procedure for any type of boiler. With her sooner or later be found almost every owner of water heaters," says an employee of a maintenance service which can directly to order .

Why water boiler dirty from time to time?

Boilers polluted for one simple reason, the use of poor quality water. It is clear that the water that runs through the pipes, does not meet the standards of rigidity and purity. Accordingly, during the heating process turns the plaque on the heating surface. As a result of this process - heating elements give much less heat, and this affects the work of the boiler.
it is Clear that the tool then works hard, and as a result needs repair or complete replacement.

in addition, there is another huge disadvantage: during operation of the boiler without cleaning much increased energy costs. Here there is only one bottom line: be sure to clean boilers for all scale zasobiralsya ischezla.


How often should clean the boiler?

the Owners of this equipment often do not take into account the speed at which is going to scale, and the level of risk that this process bears directly to the robots hardware. Experts in this field recommend cleaning of boilers as often as possible.

it is also Important to carry out preventive cleaning procedure( it is desirable to do before and after the heating season). Sometimes recommended to increase the number of cleansing at least 2 times. But for this procedure it is better to invite professionals in the field, because:

  • You can call a experienced technician to the house;
  • You will be given an individual approach and cleaning of the boiler will be made very quickly;
  • it's Possible to agree the cost of repairs;
  • Skilled professionals use only good supplies and quality parts.


cleaning of boilers is an important procedure which should be carried out at least 2 times a year. Remember that the important thing is to do only with the help of professionals. They understand that the main task of the cleaning of boilers is to get the best performance while using low power consumption.

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