Broken washing machines


In the majority of cases, the damage to the washing machine is caused by improper operation and only ten percent of all cases the cause of failure are the mistakes of producers, as well as the wear and tear of the machine itself. Let us consider the basic malfunction of this appliance and tell us about them employee of the maintenance Department which directly deals with the repair washing machines in Kiev.


the Most common failure washing machines:

  • the Main cause of failure of machines-machines is contamination drain system: buttons, lace, coins, bones from bras and so on .d. Remember: even the most modern units are not immune from failure, through getting into his system various foreign objects, which easily can: to turn the heater on, to break the pipes or the tank, rip off the impeller from the pumps to clog the pump, etc. the Elimination of obstruction involves a partial disassembly of the washing machine. In addition, the problem is fraught with not only a repair of the machine itself, but also the apartment 1-in the floor below;
  • the 2nd common cause of the malfunction of the washing machine is separation handle Luke. Efforts prematurely in order to open the hatch Assembly, the person may: tear off the manhole cover, broken shift knobs and buttons, and cuff tear;
  • the Use of excessive amounts of powder or soap during washing. As a result, the enclosure of the heating element, and this in turn leads to overheating and burn-out (sometimes even explosively). In the end, it will lead to the overhaul of the machine;
  • Overloading or improper loading. When the Laundry in the drum break into a ball, the washer starts to jump during the spin cycle. As a result, vertical washing machines bend axis and eventually begin to "basemerit", while front - the violation of the seal, the bearing Assembly through oil seal from the tank enters the water, the bearings rust, as well, and the machine begins to rattle. All of this can lead to expensive repair with replacement of the tank and the drum.


If you want your washing machine lasts as long as possible, then before start of its operation should carefully study the instructions just before the Laundry always check the pockets of his clothes.

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