The choice of tiles for the floor

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Despite that now, as flooring for the kitchen and bathroom have been many types of flooring. As before, continues to break records of popularity. For this reason, many manufacturers actively and continues to release it in different design and shape.

it would Seem that the variety of floor tiles is good. But due to impressive presence of this diversity, many, on the contrary, is lost in the choice. And really, how to choose the right tile, so you do not regret the perfect choice? In fact, the long-established list of criteria, allowing to reduce the risk of buying the wrong tile a few times.

Main criteria

first you need to decide where it will be purchased tiles. All want cheap, but the product was good quality. To find eligible products in the catalogue of the company Stroysiti . Directly working with Italian, Russian, German and other trusted manufacturers, this company offers quality tile at an affordable cost.

In stock products are tiles, has a modern design and have different kinds of coverage. On the structure of the coating when selecting a product you should then to pay attention. Despite that glossy products attract brightness, they are not suitable for use as a floor material. Better instead to prefer the textured or matte tile.

it would Seem cheaper to buy only the large size tile. It falls faster, so the whole process of its installation will take a minimum of time. In fact, large size tiles are suitable only for rooms with an area of 7 m2. And in small rooms such as a bathroom, it is better to choose a small tile for the floor.

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