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The construction of the rollers: What you need to know?


Traditionally in our country, winter sports are enjoyed high popularity this is due mainly to the fact that in most regions most of the year is cold weather. Currently, the growing popularity of such entertainment, like skating. It is worth noting that more and more adults and children in your free time go to the rink. Today the ice arena being built in many regions of our country. Moreover, it used modern technology has allowed to open ice rinks even in those regions where most of the year the weather is warm.

to get artificial ice requires special professional equipment. It should be noted that artificial ice is almost nothing in terms of quality not inferior to natural. The construction of ice arenas has its own specifics. All work starts with the preparation of the project, which must take into account various factors. Design and construction of ice arenas should carry professionals who perfectly understand all the intricacies of this case. Company Formula of ice is professionally engaged in the design and construction of ice arenas of any complexity.

the Company Formula ice has long specializiruetsya on the construction of ice arenas. In the company we have assembled skilled professionals, each of which has extensive experience in this field. In the design process necessarily will take into account all wishes of the customer. The company offers favorable conditions and at the most affordable prices. In each case, the equipment for the rink is chosen individually. In addition, the company performs maintenance of ice rinks. Here you can rely on the most favorable terms of cooperation and the most affordable prices.

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