The all-Russian Olympiad for school students: Everything you need to know


held Annually in basic subject disciplines. Usually the Olympiad is held during the school year, i.e. from early September to late may. Many children who each year participate in these contests, win and then take part in regional Olympiads.

Today we will learn about what are the stages of carrying out of Olympiads for school students which items they are, and whether the right of a student to take part in the Olympiads among high school students.

Stages of Olympiads for students

all-Russian student Olympiad on academic subjects are conducted in four stages:

  1. School (at secondary schools);
  2. Municipal;
  3. Regional;
  4. Final, which is held only in those regions of Russia that have left the required application.

all-Russian student competition is held annually among the students of secondary schools of these disciplines:

  • Russian language and literature;
  • Foreign languages (English, German, French, Spanish);
  • the Law;
  • History;
  • ;
  • Mathematics;
  • Biology;
  • Geography;
  • Physics,
  • Chemicals;
  • Information technology
  • education;
  • Physical culture and sport, etc.

all-Ukrainian student Olympiad on academic subjects of all stages are face-to-face form of competitions. At the request of the party on General grounds has the right to take part in the competition among high school students (compared to class (course) actual training) classes (courses) within some age groups of each school subject (except for participants of 11-th class).

the Students of higher educational establishments of any level of accreditation are not eligible to compete in student competitions, tournaments, and competitions at any stage. The participants in competitions, tournaments and contests, get a job and give them an answer in the state language (except the Olympiads in foreign).

What are the benefits to the student who won the Olympics?

At the end of the Olympiad students who won prizes, prize of the Government of the Russian Federation and a special diploma. This diploma helps the winners without entrance exams will go to that UNIVERSITY, which will select the student (this should be the appropriate profile of the winner).

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