The influence of the shape of the glasses on the quality impact of wine


Consider the culture of consumption of light wine and the influence of dishes from which you consume it. But first an important note. From the point of view of biology, alcohol is a poison, but in small doses it can have a great effect on the human body, dulling the pain and disabling for a while the awareness of reality (especially if it is unpleasant for you). A small proportion will not hurt you if you have no diseases that prevent the binding and excretion of alcohol from the body.

From the point of view of culture, the most popular drink that contains alcohol is wine. As a rule, this drink is natural, derived in this alcohol is the result of the special yeast that utilize the sugars contained in the juice of grapes into alcohol and carbon dioxide. In champagne the average value of the level of alcohol will vary from 9 to 13%. So one or two glasses of champagne drunk during the evening, will not hurt you. Fortunately, if you use specially selected , it will be possible to vary or that the quality of champagne and wine to a finish.

Most rich feel gives us the consumption of champagne Brut , devoid of little or no sugar. Here you can catch the game of bubbles of carbonic acid on the tongue (which gives the sour taste) as well as the fortress of the drink and its rich flavor component. If you take a champagne glass Cup , we can better consider the game of wine in the light and at the same time to enjoy its taste. A glass flute gives us the opportunity to better enjoy the game of bubbles and the fragrance of the drink. Although in fairness, more flavor can be perceived in the third popular champagne wine Tulip . It soienoe the neck directs the perfume wine directly into your nose, allowing you to catch all that wine gives you.

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