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the cafe uses in its activities, disposable cups. Previously, they were presented solely plastic variations, but today is a practical and convenient paper cups slowly but surely gaining market share. And all this thanks to a number of advantages that distinguish them among other disposable tableware. They are an ideal option for both end-users and sellers.

by the Way, if you are interested in such disposable tableware, then please contact "the lighthouse of cap which is directly involved in selling in Ukraine. Let us consider the main advantages of our paper cups.


the Most important "+" paper cups:

Harmlessness. Such tableware made of food-grade cardboard, which includes only natural pulp;

  1. Lack of odor. Food cardboard of good quality when heated, does not emit absolutely no smell and 100% retains the taste and aroma of the drink, which was poured into a Cup;
  2. there is No need to wash cups;
  3. No release of chlorine. When heated, the paper cups does not emit chlorine, as do their plastic counterparts;
  4. It's really disposable tableware. Under the influence of drink and water glasses made of paper permanently deteriorate, which is why the final buyer can 100% be sure that the glass of his drink is really new (i.e. not previously used);
  5. They beat. This is the most safe type of cookware because they can't break the fall from a height;
  6. Quiet operation. Very often in catering establishments is very noisy through the clanking and crashing of glass, with paper of this problem, you "will not hear";
  7. Environmentally friendly and easy disposal. Cups of paper does not pollute the environment, do not need any special conditions for their disposal (which is not true about the plastic counterparts) and can easily be recycled immediately after use, with it without high financial costs;
  8. an Excellent opportunity for marketing. Directly on the walls of the paper cups, you can place any advertising information;
  9. Long-term storage. You can stock a huge amount of paper cups and not think about the dates.

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