What is GPS monitoring?


the GPS monitoring system is included as a min of 2 components: the software (ON) + Sam a GPS tracker that installs directly into the car. With the help of satellites, the tracker determines the coordinates and then transmits them to secure special. server.

as FOR software, it is necessary in order to process data that arrives at the server, and displayed on the map ready position (it indicates the location of the vehicle + average speed over a certain period of time of the route).

in addition to location and route, it is possible to obtain information about the mileage, stops, fuel consumption (including draining fuel and refueling) and deviations from the originally specified route. By the way, if you need GPS monitoring, then you need : https://transcontrol.com.ua/.


GPS monitoring: the Main purpose

the installation of the system will improve workflows, to track the entire fleet on 100% to eliminate abuse dishonest drivers, which include: wrapping counters, uncontrolled flight, the infinite plum of fuel, bad checks and other fraud).

But, the main goal, in addition to monitoring the location of transport that transport companies want to solve with the help of GPS monitoring, is the monitoring of fuel consumption. The decrease in this item of cost directly has a positive influence on the profit of the Corporation. Neglecting monitoring, the heads of companies often take the decision to reduce the salary of the drivers, and argue that the additional income on the latest fuel draining. In the end, the number of frauds, thefts and unauthorized trips will only increase, and revenues, by contrast, are falling.

because of this, leading companies have installed on their vehicles satellite monitoring system. Now this system has become much more accessible and cheaper than it was previously. If you take into account ever rising fuel prices, the installation of control equipment on vehicle fleet will pay for itself pretty quickly, as it saves on average twenty to thirty percent of the fuel. If you implement such a system, it does not simply eliminate fraud dishonest drivers as well and will motivate employees to save fuel and to make an honest living by raising their salaries.

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