Business in the Dominican Republic: promising directions


the Dominican Republic is a country that enjoys great popularity among tourists from various parts of the world, including from Russia. The reason is in a special mild climate, favorable geographical location and the rapid development of the country. Today people come here from different countries for permanent residence. Many open their own business. It should be noted that open and run in the Dominican Republic your own business much easier than in other modern States. It is a country of pleasing and an excellent environment for doing business, more simple procedure of registration, obtaining permits and payment.

the Most promising direction is considered to be tourism. This is the main source of income of the state Treasury. Good income also brings the farming and subsequent sale of coffee, tobacco, sugar cane. But in these areas it is quite difficult to get through because of spheres of influence has long been divided between local and multinational companies.

For visitors citizens the best option to start and build own business in the tourism sector. This is quite a promising direction, as the popularity of the Dominican Republic is growing every year. as experts assume, will bring in several times more profit than last year. In this Paradise a great time media persons, politicians, actors and musical performers. Peace and tranquility allows you to relax and rejuvenate, to spend time with the whole family, including young children.

Fun for everyone

special attention deserves the varied entertainment programme. Aside from beaches, tourists can appreciate sightseeing tours, sea trips, jeep safaris and much more. There is entertainment for every taste, so in the Dominican Republic every year to relax people of different ages, social status, interests.

Among couples, this country is popular because of the mild climate. No scorching sun. A comfortable temperature is maintained throughout the year. But when planning your trip it is worth remembering that in may the rainy season begins. But it does not mean that you should abandon the journey. Travelers are becoming considerably smaller, but they are still there. The temperature does not fall below the mark of 25 degrees, but the prices in this period will enjoy maximum accessibility.

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