Installation of the tank Foundation

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a Leading company WSRC designs, manufactures tanks and foundations for the complexes of four types:

  • ground;
  • the
  • ring;
  • the
  • solid;
  • the
  • pile.

carried out by qualified personnel. Selected type of beam under the tank based on the type of soil, climatic characteristics and seismicity of the region.


Sand bags

the bed of soil is the most budget option of the Foundation. This type of beam is used in case of favorable conditions and allowed precipitation of the tank. The cushion is a layer of sand, gravel with a layer of hydrophobic coating.


Ring the Foundation

Concrete Foundation is more serious and is used in the case of large loads on the perimeter. In some cases, this laid the Foundation requirements of the basis. For example, in the area with a heaving soil or high seismic activity.



frozen and hamerslag soils are used monolithic types of foundations when the tank is not more than 15m. This type of Foundation is recommended in case of redundancy of toxic substances. In this case, it can be done the removal of the product from one base to the perimeter.


Pile Foundation

This type of foundations are used on sites with weak soils, where a high probability of shrinkage. It is the driven piles, which are executed in the form of a solid pile or a ring under the container walls. The pile type of Foundation is considered to be one of the most expensive.

In regions with high winter to save the ground in the frozen state using a special insulation, which protects the surface from the high temperatures of the product. Additionally experts recommend to build a high grillage.

At the beginning of the work leaves the team, led by experienced surveyors, conducting hydrological and geological studies, in order to accurately study the condition of the earth, the level of Pacinotti, the occurrence of the water level. Based on the information received and incorporated by the designers of loads on the basis of the chosen Foundation. Additionally, the experts taken into account the excess weight of snow, ice, isolation. Therefore, the Foundation under the tank increased demands, and to break the rules in any case impossible. The company WSRC will take responsibility for drafting and providing quality reliable Foundation for the reservoir complex.

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