Why doesn't dishwasher?


dishwasher (dishwasher machine) is an indispensable tool in the household, which can save you from unpleasant and exhausting work, namely, daily hand-washing.

therefore, the malfunction or failure of this kitchen gadget immediately makes their owners to call a repairman or contact the service center (by the way, in Kiev you can order online https://remont-posudomoiki.kiev.ua/). Next, we consider the basic breakdown of washing machines.


Faulty dishwashers

Even the most reliable dishwashers world famous brands (Siemens, BOSCH, Hansa, Electrolux and Ariston), subject to breakages and wear. The reasons of an exit of the dishwasher failure can be:

  • Hard water ;
  • Surges (that is, low-quality power).
  • Improper operation of the dishwasher, as well as poor care;
  • not suitable for dishwashers or bad chemical. funds;
  • Assembly / Installation, which was made without complying with all rules.

As practice shows: the majority of the cases when the dishwasher does not turn on or is not able to continue their work, is not due to failure of electronics or mechanisms, and through the layers of scale in the valve, contamination of all kinds of surfaces, clogging of nozzles and filters or failure of different external conditions (pressure in the sink drain, water pressure, mains voltage).

therefore, it is important to carefully read the instructions and study the display the dishwasher, sometimes able to diagnose why you were stopped. For example, if panel you see "castle" - this indicates an improperly sealed doors, and clever dishwasher, of course, will not collect water, so your kitchen "did not go under water."

to React in the dishwasher on the changing external and internal characteristics give the possibility of various sensors: engine controllers, pressure, fluid cleanliness, thermostat (measures temperature), the pressure differential switch (measures water level), etc resultat, failure of the sensor may cause a complete shutdown the dishwasher.

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