Main faulty gas columns


Exploiting the gas column, you may encounter a number of faults: some you can fix yourself, and there are places to fix which can only be a specialist. Let's look at them and tell us about this employee service center, which can be directly ordered in Kiev.

Column not included

This is 1 of the most common problems that are often solved by replacing the battery (if you have the device e-type). Such defect can remind myself about every 6 to 12 months, because it is so much work time batteries.

Water poorly heated or not heated

In this case, most likely, the problem lies in the defects of the membrane that is not properly responds to the water pressure (and it is directly on the water node). So, if the water pressure it will not stretch, then it will not be pressure on the stock. As a result, will not fully open the gas valve, or even not to open. Among the most common defects are: salt deposits, contamination and crack. In order to identify and eliminate the problem, you need to disassemble water unit, disconnect it from the gas hub and to clean the water-gas block. The membrane that is worn should be replaced.


additionally, the gas heater may not work through the contamination of its internal parts with dust and soot. In order to rectify the situation, it is necessary to remove the outer casing of the gas column and clean the heat exchanger + burner with a normal vacuum cleaner.

Fade flame burner immediately after switching on

it is Often observed on the background of lack of traction, as well as pollution ventanal. Modern water heaters are equipped with sensors indicating that there is thrust and blocking the flow of gas. So check out the channel of the chimney, remove the cap, and shake all together. Then present a burning match or just to lend a hand to the chimney. If you feel the breeze - this suggests that the chimney is clean, if not, you will need to clean the chimney over its entire length.


So that your geyser worked properly throughout the period of operation, it is necessary 1 time a year to carry out its planned maintenance.

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