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real-time modern material polyurethane is a very popular polymer, popular blank for the creation of industrial products and components. It is the raw material to its full width is used in various industries. Specialists freely claim that polyurethane is a serious competition to such slave and proven components, such as:

  1. tires;
  2. Iron
  3. Tokarchuk.

In distinction with the above substances, a polyurethane can be used both in a solid and in aqueous form (as a cover).

Products with polyurethane: characteristics

based On this technological substance today made gravity machines, the blanks, of wheels and castors for industrial machines, wheelbarrows, and much more. Spacious selection of products allows customers who have called on the company to choose high-quality and inexpensive product that meets high operating and technical needs.

Every component, practical, eco-friendly, multi-functional. This is due to the excellent features of polyurethane. The material has high strength parameters and high thermal operating range from sixty to 80 degrees Celsius. The material has high degree of strength. That is, the polyurethane parts have a chance to be used for automatic tremendous loads. In this design, are made of advanced components:

  • Does not fail,
  • the
  • broke,
  • the
  • Not cracked, as they have a good flexibility.

In this case a polyurethane is several times more durable material than the elastomer or iron.

Another outstanding product qualities of the polyurethane can be attributed to higher wear resistance. Components also have high abrasive steadfastness. The component has the ability to be processed, cleaned, polished if this does not lose its initial properties. Polymer:

  • will not be erased,
  • the
  • are exhausted from the system,
  • the
  • will not lose functionality.

products Advantages with polyurethane

In the first order is a small weight that allows you to subtract the weight of the finished products. Polyurethane resistant to atmospheric action, is not sensitive to chemical substances, has excellent dielectric data. In the short period, the product of this amazing polymer will be applied around the temperature up to plus one hundred degrees C.

Wheels, blades, foundations, hydro-cyclones, made the basis of this procurement is reliable in operation, and means the most profitable, from an economic point of view.

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