The main reasons for leaving building electric


Modern electric stoves are very reliable, which is why their failure often occurs because of improper maintenance or operation. All the causes of these failures can be either electronic or mechanical in nature.

most Often, to the output of the electric failure will result in the following factors:

  • the failure of electronic components;
  • improper functioning of electronic or mechanical control;
  • damage to the plug or cord;
  • the burned out heating element.

the Nature of the damage may vary directly depending on the plate type, cooking surface, heating elements and other design features of a specific model. Next, we consider the most common failure of these devices and tell us about them, the service center, where you can order .


Device not activated

In this case, the causes of failure are both internal and external. Most often it is associated with defective cords, plugs or outlets, and the absence of the mains voltage. Therefore, the first step is to make sure the outlet has voltage.

the Cord is damaged mostly at the exit point from the housing. Also, the cord or the plug can be melted through high temperature.

the Internal electronic components of the appliance can be disabled using the sharp surges, as a result, it may not be included. To establish the true cause of a fault of this kind can only be experienced specialist.


does Not work part or all burners

In this case, in the 1st turn, check whether there is voltage in the sockets. If a power supply is no problem, then the problem may lie in:

  1. faulty power switch burners;
  2. a short to case;
  3. the burned out heating element;
  4. wrong operation of the control unit.

Oven does not warm up

most Often this occurs via breakdown of the thermostat or heating element. This situation arises through the violation of temperature in cooking, and the placement is not recommended by the manufacturer or incorrect dishes + pans.


After turning the oven off stove

This can happen in the result of the circuit, after triggering automatic protection through an increased load on the electric circuit.

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