When you might need to repair the heater (boiler)?


the failure of the boiler, often brings discomfort, as well as danger to human life, due to any malfunctioning of the heater it is necessary to repair in minimum time. Today we will look at the basic breakdown of these units and tell us about them, the service center http://remontboilerov.kiev.ua/, which can be directly ordered .


the Most common failure of boilers

the Most frequent breakdowns of water heaters that require immediate repair are:

  • Overheated water. The cause of this fault is failure of the thermostat;
  • the Boiler heats the water. This can happen through a malfunction of the electrical part or breakage of the Heater. Also, the water can heat up very slowly due to the formation of a large layer of limescale on the heating element. Here to help cleaning of the boiler;
  • is the socket or plug of the boiler. This can happen due to mismatch of capacities of the connected cable or the appliance with the capabilities of electric wiring in the apartment, as well as the discrepancies of the contacts in the plug or the socket;
  • water Heater flows. This problem appears to occur through mechanical damage or corrosion of the tank (i.e., violation of the integrity of its surface). In this case, will only buy a new boiler, since the tank cannot be repaired;
  • Boiler frequently shuts off or turns on. Very short periods of time between switching off and on of the heater may speak of the formation of scale on the Heater of the device;
  • Noise during operation. The appearance of any unusual sounds during operation of the boiler (rattling, noise, etc.) often associated with the formation of limescale on the Heater (in addition, in these cases also increases the heating time of water);
  • an Error on the electronic scoreboard. Water heaters are equipped with an electronic control system that can start to function incorrectly due to voltage drops in the mains. This often breaks the electronic module. Assistance in such situations it may replaced or repaired.

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