The differences between a beauty salon and hairdressing parlour


What can be different between these two seemingly identical institutions of beauty? Basically a beauty all its customers are offered an extensive variety of services: hair coloring, all kinds of fashionable haircuts, skin care, nails and hair.

focused exclusively on Hairdressing services and hair care products: different hair styles, classic and modern haircuts and hair coloring. In rare cases, work in hairdressing master nail service.

Comparing the degree of income salon and hairdressers, the latter will regain faster all costs money which was previously invested on training and the opening of the institution, and this means that will bring profit much faster. To include work services for the care of hair and nails requires a lot of money because there is no need to obtain a license to provide such services.


just like beauty salons, barbershops are divided into several classes:

1. Hairdresser economy class. Such places are on the first floors of multi-storey residential houses located in residential areas of the city. The owners of such establishments are not being spent in monetary terms for the repair and promotion, i.e. advertising or expensive . However made despite this, they are overloaded with work - about 65% of the total working day. The price of a haircut in hairdressing economy class is not large, about 500-600 rubles.

2. Hairdressing business class. Such barbershops are in the city centre or in more crowded areas. Very often, these barbershops opened in large shopping malls.

There are working professionals who not only can cause your hair in order, but will give good advice on hair care and tell about all the fashion trends this season.

the Price of a haircut here is about 2000 rubles, the workload of specialists is approximately 50%.

3. Hairdressers luxury apartments. These Barber shops are not in every city. Because they provide exclusive and very expensive services. Usually the owners of these establishments is the world famous master or the winners of the international professional Championships.

Here the workload is not large, about 30% of the working daytime. Basically, hairdressing, belonging to the premium class is not a lot of regular customers, but because of the high cost of services this business fully pays off. About the prices in such stores anyone can't, they are available only for regular visitors. The price for a haircut starts from 3000-3500 rubles.

the Main requirement to the Cabinet a hair from the side SanPiN one - on-one employee must be given not less than 4.5 square meters of working space, the lobby needs to take not less than 6 square meters of total space, and the Laundry needs to take not less than 9 square meters of space.

For today the law allows to open a hair salon in a fairly significant area premises . However, in this space must be enough space to:

  1. to Clean, sterilize and disinfect instruments;
  2. to Install wash basins for hot and cold water;
  3. Storing tools, cosmetics and other necessary equipment;
  4. to determine the throwing of garbage and cut the hair of customers;
  5. to Arrange a room for eating and relaxing all working in the salon employees.

Bathrooms and pantry in salons and barbershops should be. It is convenient both for customers and for artists working in the school of health and beauty. Towels, hats and capes better to use disposable, otherwise, if you apply the above lot of one-off accessories, for their washing need to arrange a separate room, or on a regular basis to take them to the Laundry.

And this is an additional cost.

one master to be not less than 5 square meters of working area. It is written in the rules and regulations for the organization of such institutions.

Given all the above, we can confidently say that to open a salon or Barber for you is not difficult! Of course this is the case, if you take into consideration all our evidence and advice!

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