New apartments Khimki - the most prestigious place of Moscow suburbs

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the Advantage of buying in Khimki is clear: a 25-minute drive to Moscow, bus runs to 5 metro stations, with a large green area of the Park Dubki, Moscow canal, the Park of culture and rest, ehkobereg. Near Leninsky Prospekt and the Moscow ring road. Through the ring road - a large Khimki forest Park. Buying an apartment in new Khimki will be a good solution.

Residential complex "Rodionovo"

LCD "Rodionovo" near the Leningrad highway. Two multi-storey buildings (25 and 18 storeys) connected by a stylobate original architectural solution. The first floors of shops and supermarkets. The stylobate area residents buildings and well-equipped sports facilities and a relaxation area. Technology of construction - a monolith-brick, the most economical as heating and interior decoration. The apartment layout is relatively unknown, there are a variety of options. A big plus is the underground Parking, on LCD you can say all in one.

Choice of apartments and their cost

If you decide to settle in Khimki, it remains to choose an apartment. Convenient solution to on the site : hover your mouse over any floor of the house and click it to open the layout of the entire floor. Here, the size of the apartment and every room, against the sides of light, views of the surrounding countryside. It remains to choose the method of payment. And here are the options: if you pay the entire amount at once - the discount. To take part you can with a mortgage, which is available on favorable terms. Selection of apartments available by buyer with different income levels. Each of one -, two - and three-storey apartments are designed with options for size and layout.

Khimki is a convenient place to live for all ages: the work place can be in the city or the capital, for children's sports and playgrounds, schools within walking distance, for elderly people, clean air and green areas.

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