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to Ensure today maximum comfort in relation to temperature in the facility is the German manufacturer of heating equipment Kermi. meet the high standards and norms. Known throughout the world the company is releasing only quality device, important features of which are: high level of usability, the combination of functionality, reliability and classic design. In this case, the equipment doesn't cost that much, what makes it so popular among individuals and companies operating in all spheres and directions.


battery Purchased on favourable terms

Best prices on equipment for heating systems, Kermi provides website www.kermi-therm.ru. A wide range of products manufactured by innovative technology greatly outstripping the known analogues on the market of heating equipment. Innovative heat distribution system aimed at reducing costs and energy resource savings. In addition, the radiators of the German company is characterized by high capacity, which is especially important considering the harsh Russian climate.

a Mandatory condition of the production process is strict control of all stages: from design, raw material and final stage testing of products before entering the retail chain. So the product quality is not in doubt. Various modifications of the heating equipment suitable for installation in the country, and apartment buildings, offices and medical institutions, public buildings and administrative buildings.

Unmatched performance, reliable operation and simple management deserve special attention. All devices feature excellent Assembly, to ensure reliability and safety, long service life and optimum functioning conditions. Various modifications are designed to heat space, small and spacious space.

the world's Leading manufacturer of heating equipment manufactures radiators from low carbon steel that determines the economical consumption without sacrificing power. To increase the strength of the battery have a two-layer paint coating applied on pre-primed surfaces.

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