Wooden window frames: What you need to know?

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Among the variety of wooden Windows there is a special category of this product wooden Euro Windows. How to distinguish them from conventional, and what you need to know to buy a really high quality?

first and foremost, these Windows are made in the production of a particular technology. With the latest equipment, ensures maximum precision during Assembly and bonding of all components. The Windows, manufactured in the right process conditions will vary and the quality of the painting. It is carried out in special chambers of the closed type, where evenly, layer by layer, the wood surface is covered with varnishes and impregnations premium lines (for example, from Remmers). Each new layer is applied after full drying of the previous one and performs its useful function. For example, in the technology VinLine developed by one of the leading manufacturers of wood products (interior doors, Windows, stairs, furniture) provided by as many as 7 coating layers (six first to protect the wood from any external influences - moisture, sunlight, mildew formation, etc., and finishing seventh Softline Feeling to create a perfectly smooth surface, identical to the feelings of expensive furniture made of wood).

Wooden Euro Windows are different and the quality of the components. Ranging from imported anti-burglary fittings in the maximum configuration (NT, Roto, Hautau and Maco etc.) to multi-functional glass, which can perform absolutely any, you function.

1. Seven-layer painting technology Vinline.

Protection from external factors (moisture, sun, etc.) and mechanical damage (macrocarpon). The durability of the coating: more than 25 years.

2. Silicone sealant Illbruck.

unlike the rubber seals that are used in conventional Windows, European silicone sealant is resistant to abrasion and protected from exposure to ozone and moisture at 98.2%

3. Protective cover of the German aluminium Gutmann.

Additionally sesameseed design from external influences. Provides the function mikroprovetrivaniya.

4. Multifunction European glass with high light transmission (65%). Insulation, sun protection, energy saving and many other useful properties. In the Windows of the middle and low price segment uses standard glass, not with an expanded set of useful features.

5. Imported aluminum spacer bar. Eliminates condensation and ingress of moisture.

As a rule, wooden Euro Windows are only 35% to 40% differ in cost from regular, with every detail counts: strict control in selection of materials and components, premium quality paint and finish, ease of use and functionality. Therefore, these Windows will last you for more than 25 years without needing any additional care.

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