Laser engraved souvenir and gift


this is a unique technology that enables you to make exclusive the most traditional gift. With its help you can perform the branding of the items and make them bright as favors for a relative or friend, and business partner. To make name can be any of the items: pens, watches, lighters, flash drives, glasses, spoons, wedding rings

what are the advantages?

on the eve of birthdays, anniversaries, any memorable events personal or corporate there is an issue with the choice of gifts. A simple and inexpensive way to give traditional subjects, the originality and exclusivity of their laser engraving. Its advantages include the following:

  • possibility of application of inscriptions, drawings, company logos, which will become an expressive accent products;
  • the
  • durability and detail of the engraved items that won't fade as you use items;
  • the
  • the ability to manufacture as piece gift and party Souvenirs, for example, greetings for colleagues on February 23 or New year;
  • the
  • low cost when you order any amount of products.

Laser engraving allows to obtain resistant to moisture, sunlight image, the substrate which will not deform the product itself.

Urgent business gifts

For presenting to business partners or customers you can prepare in advance gifts, which can be supplemented with corporate insignia logo, elements of corporate style. With a laser it is easy to put the right symbols on stationery (pens, diaries, USB sticks), wrist watch, leather product, which you can present at conferences or business meetings at a high level.

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