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Housing, office or holiday travel, delivery of materials from the store to home delivery of critical documentation in a nearby town everything is about to this site: (Gazelle). By compactness, they have a large body with a capacity of up to 1.5 tons, enough to transport furniture, appliances or a whole apartment.


advantages of the car Gazelle

This car has worked well when transportation within a single city and between regions. In favor of renting gazelles indicated by the following factors:

  • high capacity
  • the
  • the ability to transport up to 10 m3 things
  • the
  • economical fuel consumption
  • the
  • maneuverability, thanks to which the machine can easily cope with traffic jams and congestion on the road.

These cars are ideal for the safe transportation of goods of any type, as they are all tight and firmly fixed in the body with special straps. This type of road transport you can use to transport furniture, building materials, equipment, and also for relocation in Moscow and the region, and throughout Russia.


Porters to help transport

can be different: someone who carries garden tools in the country, and someone is planning a complete move from city to city. In this case, it is advisable to use the services of porters who will take the loading and unloading of the work itself. They work very carefully, so you dont have to worry about the condition of their belongings. If you want the loading of bulky items musical instruments or machines, many companies provide services for the rigging. Using special tools, professionals of such organizations cope with loading the most heavy and unusual items.

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