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every family constantly is a change of generations. Meanwhile we try to give respect and to provide adequate care to its elderly parents, which become more and more helpless. It is worth noting that older people are mostly not able to meet all their needs. People over the years, not only lose their physical strength, but also began to hurt. Many elderly people need round-the-clock monitoring and constant medical care professional. Not everyone has enough free time that you could devote to their older family members.

for a long time in many countries there are special pensions for the elderly. The primary and main objective of such institutions is to provide care for the elderly. Currently, there are several types of such institutions, namely private and public. In the public old people live completely free, but you can count on a limited number of services. As a rule, state finances accommodation, food and medical care. Here the elderly are left to themselves. In turn, private institutions in addition to accommodation, food and medical care, the guests are trying to organize a comfortable leisure.

for many years in Toksovo functions in which created the most comfortable conditions for living. Old people live in spacious rooms with modern repair. Twenty-four hour care and qualified medical assistance. Everything else regularly hosts a variety of themed evenings and entertainment. You will be able at any time to visit their elderly relatives who will be protected from the city bustle and everyday life.

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