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if the entrepreneur lacks the ability to continue its operations and to repay loans, shall be conducted in accordance with the law, otherwise there can be serious problems in the form of fraud charges.

a Process involves the execution of several stages. So, first harvested and prepared the documents. At the meeting of the founders of the parties shall decide regarding the necessity to start the process. If the founder one the decision he takes and fixes it in the documents. Next, you need to notify debtors and creditors, and also give an announcement to the media. All the questions the society must take within two months after notification at the end of begins another stage of liquidation.

not to say that the mandatory should be informed employees that they are fired. As a rule, do it two months before liquidation. In the event that the staff is more than fifteen experts, the dismissal is massive here the message is passed to the appropriate authorities within three months.

will be held After sixty days, must submit the interim balance sheet. Document in most cases is made by the meeting after that comes the stage of registration tax.

speaking about the final stage of registration, termination of activities must amount to the liquidation balance all the responsibility for this must take a special Committee consisting of founders. Registered in the chamber must submit the following documents liquidation balance type, a statement of liquidation of the legal entity, documentation that the company has absolutely no debt and the receipt of payment of the state fee.

If nonconformities are not identified after checking all documents by the relevant bodies, even in a period of five days, OOO will receive a document proving that the company is liquidated.

in order to go fast, many seek the help of a lawyer. And it is quite effective because the specialist in this case has all the details of the process.

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