Styles of beach tunics: What to choose?


unfortunately, in order to look beautiful and original features, not so much. The woman often wears to the beach, beach Slippers, swimsuit, bag, pareo and sunglasses. So how do you like not "all", and delightful?

an Excellent way to become a "beach star" to replace a pair of bored on the romantic and sophisticated tunic for the beach. By the way, in Ukraine you can buy in the online store

In a beach tunic is a fashionable accessory today, so if you want you can even make yourself. For this you need a hook + ball of yarn.


"+" tunics for beach crochet

Initially, it should be noted that the knitted tunic is a very original and comfortable outfit. Beach tunic, which is made from natural fibres, the woman will feel more comfortable than a pair of artificial tissues. Knitted, very beautiful patterns not just give the tunic an elegant look, but also provide excellent ventilation to your body.

in addition, in a knitted tunic you can walk even beyond the beach, without violating the limits of decency. If you buy a knitted tunic in the large grid, then you can even sunbathe in her and will protect her skin from sunburn, but the sun will come out nice and smooth.


Styles knitted tunics for the beach:

  1. tunic Dress. This tunic dress is strongly reminiscent of, and therefore got its name. It has a length slightly above the knees. Often these tunics embellished knitted belts, cowls, and a playful ruffle and ruffles on the bottom;
  2. Tunic-mesh. They meet in is very small and in the large grid. The woman in this tunic looks very sexy, and reminiscent of all the mermaid caught in the net. This is an excellent feature for very hot days, because in this outfit you will be much easier to endure the summer heat;
  3. Long beach tunic. Wear this style perfect for girls who are trying to avoid the very strong sun. In such a tunic you can walk along the beach as a warm romantic evening and hot Sunny day.

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