Gingivitis: What is it?

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Gingivitis is the inflammation within the gums which is characterized by such phenomena as: redness, swelling, bleeding and pain at the gums. The disease occurs very often, which is why experts distinguish 3 forms:

  • acute;
  • chronic;
  • as well as recurrent.


Often is the result of a disregard of hygiene of the oral cavity. As a result, there is firmly connected to the enamel of the teeth plaque, which in turn is a colony of germs. In addition, the cause of this disease can be such factors as:

  1. defects malocclusion;
  2. leftovers;
  3. mouth breathing;
  4. Tartar (calcified plaque);
  5. "bad" the sealed teeth.

Quite often, this disease occurs in children as well as pregnant women and it occurs in them more seriously, in connection with hormonal changes occurring in their bodies.

it Should be noted that gingivitis can be a manifestation of such systemic diseases as: leukopenia, allergies, herpes, vitamin deficiency, diabetes, etc.

Inflammation in the gums can also call: a very high intake of certain med. drugs (eg, oral contraceptives, etc.) and heavy metals (lead or bismuth) that have entered the body.



1st symptom of this disease, of course, is a swelling plus inflammation of the gums, with the result that its shape vary greatly. The swelling causes poyavleniyu gingival pocket as well as an increase milesaway furrow directly between the teeth. Other symptoms of gingivitis are also observed in the gums. So, there is:

  1. very strong reddening their edges.
  2. they become very sensitive;
  3. the pain;
  4. swelling;
  5. bleeding;
  6. discomfort when eating in General, and swallowing in particular.

How long?

today, gingivitis without complications treated max ten days, but the chronic phase should be treated much longer and more intense. If you do not treat the disease, it can develop into periodontitis and cause tooth loss.

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