Metal: What is it?

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Today the list of materials that are applicable in dental prosthetics, is quite broad. The most common are ceramic and metal crowns, and dentures made of their compounds. But which of these materials is the best? Most people around the world prefer metal! It is about the prostheses of this material will be discussed in our article. By the way, in Moscow metal-ceramic crowns and bridges can be set .


Metal: What is it?

When we say the word metal , it is often referring to the crowns on the frame of the metal-plated ceramic, and dental bridges. In other words, is a metallic orthopaedic Foundation, which in its form resembles a tooth (milled for the installation of crowns), the top covered with a thin layer of ceramics. This combination of materials less frequently than any other material, becomes the cause of various allergic reactions.

ceramics are Often used to restore missing teeth from chewing number, and it falls choice because of its functionality plus reliability, not because of aesthetic qualities. But this does not mean that dentures made from this material have poor appearance, on the contrary, a very wide palette of ceramic coating gives the crowns perfectly mimic the structure and shade of the natural teeth tissues.


What you need to know about restoration of teeth with metal?

the Real problems are only when replacing anterior teeth. They consist in that: a dark frame made of metal is visible through the ceramic layer. Therefore, when the prosthesis of the front teeth often used ceramics based on zirconium dioxide or ceramics.


metal-ceramic prosthesis: Key benefits

Modern metal-ceramic prosthesis has such "+"

  • it is very durable;
  • it does not tarnish, and does not absorb various pigments and, as a result, metal does not change its color after a while;
  • this material perfectly reproduces the texture and color of natural tooth tissue;
  • the dental ceramics used in the prosthesis, a very rare cause of rejection and is hypoallergenic.

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