Earpiece exam vs: How to use?


the Application does not mean that the student is a complete "0" in the study. Reasons you might want or need to buy or rent the micro-earphone can be myriad. For example, the student makes every effort to studying core subjects, and not predelay enough attention to others that may be useful to him with a small probability. So, the future engineer or economist, don't really need the basics of civil defence or aesthetic education. But the problem is that they also need to pass because the state wants graduates were aesthetically developed by experts.

in addition to objective reasons can be subjective. Students can miss a few classes due to some illness or problems in the family and, ultimately, they will have a gap of knowledge that will have an effect on session (all know about Murphy's law, when a student has not learned, only 1 well on the topic and it caught him on the exam).

all of the above and many other cases such a device as the earpiece can be your lifeline.


What you need to know before you use the micro on the exam?

  • the First thing, of course, you need to purchase a earpiece;
  • Then we need to find a reliable friend that will be your prompter in the exam;
  • 3rd step is to bring the system to a working state. This earpiece must be connected to your smartphone. All worth collecting, according to the instructions (otherwise, the performance may be compromised). Next you need to mute ringer and activate in the mobile phone the function of automatic switch-on after 3rd whistle;
  • After this we need to check the connection. Your friend needs to take their "cellphones" out the door and recruit you. If you did everything correctly, the system will work and will only have to adjust the volume;
  • Also, not the superfluous will check the max distance at which the headset can receive the signal directly from your smartphone. To do this we must give "cellphones" to your friend and he will gradually depart from you. Moment, when admission will become worse or disappear altogether, and there is a max distance (often it is exactly the approximately 10 meters). But it is better to check the figure for your case specifically.

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