What today there are varieties of dental implants?

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Implantation is 1 of the most sought after destinations in the field of orthopedics. Since its advent, the technology of dental implants is constantly evolving and improving. Next, we consider the basic types of this procedure and tell us about Tipikin Alexander - chief physician of the network of dental clinics family MED-DEO KOMPANI , which is held in Kiev.


Kinds of dental implants:

  • Intraosseous (endosseous). This type of implantation is most advanced, its effectiveness is acknowledged to be the best implantologists from all over the world. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the implant is placed in the most natural way directly into the bone, which guarantees its further functionality, and a good survival rate;
  • Basal. This kind of implant is used only when there is need of prosthetics of a huge number of teeth that are consecutive to each other, and the volume of the jaw bone is not sufficient + there is no way to build up;
  • Endodont-endosseous. This is 1 on the outdated methodologies, which today is almost never used. Its main goal is the preservation of the tooth root;
  • Subperiosteal. It is used for small height of the alveolar process, the bone bed of the tooth, which is formed by parts of the lower and upper jaws, in cases where there is no possibility to carry out bone grafting or the patient wants to save money on this procedure. The implant is performed under the periosteum that is the connective tissue which immediately surrounds the bone;
  • Vnutrisosudistaya. It is used to provide improved fixation of removable dentures in case of atrophy of the alveolar bone, located directly on the upper jaw + at various developmental defects of the sky, and is held in cases when there is no possibility to hold endosseous (classic) implantation or the patient has no money on it;
  • Perosseous. This type of implantation used when severe resorption of the alveolar ridge of the mandible
  • Laser. The essence of this method lies in the fact that all incisions are made with a laser beam, not a scalpel. This kind of implants are less painful, lasts less time and almost bloodless. Plus people are more attracted by the lack of surgical sutures.

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