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today there is no more profitable digital money than cryptocurrencies, this is explained by the following things: a General Commission, independent of the amount and location of sending and receiving money person. There are a number of free transactions. The Commission was invented in order to avoid attacks and network congestion. Some users can carry out a pointless operation to derail the service, so I created a symbolic Commission. Thus, possible problems with overload services. The great advantage is the absence of any subscription fees, no limits and restrictions. It is possible to change, to transfer amounts.

Convenient enables you to perform transactions any time of the day. Now you do not need to think about what's in the Bank, lunch, break or day off. You can use the Internet to conduct transactions at any time of the day and no factors can stop it.

a Huge advantage of cryptocurrencies is the ability to transfer money instantly. If complex operations Bank transfers can take 3 to 5 banking days, the bitcoins reach instantly. If you work with huge amounts, then the network will need to make a few confirmations. All it will take ten minutes.

Security of transactions at the highest level. Tested the system a few years ago. The Department was created, which was to find vulnerabilities in the bitcoin network. Professionals fought for a few weeks, trying to somehow hack the network and harm potential users. Nothing came of it because the computing power of the Bitcoin exceeds the performance of all supercomputers in the world. Bitcoins are easy to share, forward, exchange. In 2018, many large companies and services start to accept the currency as payment.

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