Than the iphone 5s, will help in learning foreign languages?


If you suddenly decide to improve their level of knowledge of foreign languages, you should know that today you do not need to enroll or find a personal tutor. Today, it is sufficient only smartphone. Now we, for example, iphone 5s, let's look at how you can increase your level of knowledge of foreign languages, and buy iPhone 5s. Today we have a huge number of applications that help in learning languages, and now we will explore some of them.

Accela study is an application that allows you to learn 18 languages. For learning the program uses flash cards and it has excellent dictionaries on various subjects. The app keeps statistics on your answers to determine taught less material. The most unusual languages in the programme: Turkish, Polish, Japanese, Romanian, Chinese and Arabic.

This app like the previous one, because it also uses flash cards. The card reads words in familiar language and a picture that describes the word. The user must translate words to the language they chose to study. This application gives you the opportunity to learn 45 languages.

Duolingo is very popular among those who want to learn a completely unknown language. It doesn't have as many languages as in the above applications, there are only six. Every language is built in a tree of achievements. To obtain a new level you need to recruit a sufficient number of points that a user receives for correct answers. For motivation there is the possibility to compare their results with other students, and you can publish them to social networks.

This application is designed for those who travel a lot. It allows you to learn the language at the level of the tourist. For the study of the available 6 languages, but their number is gradually increasing. In this application, you will have a variety of tasks, for which you will receive certain points.

LinguaLeo is an application made in the form of the game. In the process of learning a foreign language you gain points that unlock access to new levels. First you will be asked to take the test, the results of which will determine your weaknesses in the language and written a program to fill the gaps in your knowledge.

From the above we can conclude that the iphone 5s is an indispensable tool for learning foreign languages. This will also help a huge number of applications, and if you don't have this device, then buy iPhone 5s in Ukraine.

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