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the Development of technology affect all areas of a person. When it comes to architecture, interior design, the important aspect remains the novelty and modern solutions. Also of great importance in our life technique. Digital technology, the development of the Internet has had its impact, people began to use more modern devices that meet the rhythm of life..

Peripheral equipment has also changed, now all the offices are functional and modern machines. But one way or another supplies are required even for modern machines. Therefore it is necessary to buy to make the office run smoothly.


Printers simplify work process, but must ensure that they are always in working condition. In every office there should be a spare cartridge, not to stop printing documents. The cartridge is a plastic container in which is put in the bunker. Cartridges vary in types, and there are inkjet and dot matrix, laser. Jet filled with liquid toners, the matrix is a closed-box design with ribbon, laser fill dry powder.

Also, choosing copy machines, you should determine the amount of work that it would have to perform. More functional and economical in terms of gas stations, a laser cartridges, they are used in all offices. Such materials can be used repeatedly, more importantly, to monitor the printer status and carry out refueling in a timely manner.

But the cartridge, as well as all copiers, parts of it wear out, and in some cases, cartridges are not subject to repair. Therefore, you should always have a spare element, as with a large amount of old consumable material will not withstand the load.

After the cartridges are overage and can not be fully applied in the company, it shall be handed over for recycling. Companies that are engaged in buying up old office equipment and components, disassemble the cartridge, clean it, re-seasoned. Some time he is still able to function and produce quality print.

In the catalog online store "Holmix" you can pick any copying equipment and consumables. Cartridges, drums, toners, ribbon, ink . All in large quantity and best quality.

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