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Modern technology allows to significantly speed up and simplify many daily tasks, even if they are characterized by high complexity. Such technologies proposes to introduce a company vehicle Automation . Its products can be found on the official website - it is available around the clock, so you can choose any convenient time of his visit.

the Main products offered by the company which, by the way, in recent years, very popular, is the system of monitoring transport and passenger traffic, as well as automated system SafeOperator , allowing much faster to conduct pre-trip and post-trip medical examinations. Such solutions are also in demand by heads of state and owners of private enterprises. Due to its affordable cost, they can be embedded in the operation of your facility in the shortest possible time.

With the specific value you are interested in solutions can be found, in consultation with specialists . This can be done one of these on the website phone numbers, and ordering free callback.

the most popular use of sensors that monitor the passenger flow, to carry out an accurate count of incoming and outgoing passengers. This is a great opportunity to make passenger transport much more comfortable and safe, to reduce an interval of movement of transport.

Today, high-tech solutions offered by the company are successfully implemented not only in the practice of large Russian enterprises, but also demanded by the customers from abroad all those who used to invest their money, value their time and to cooperate only with professionals.

On the website of the company vehicle Automation you can download a detailed presentation on the proposed products.

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