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Today itself is becoming more common to the uniquereditovaniya in which it is always possible to get yourself money at secured their same car. This modern form of direct lending allows you to get up to 90% of the total market value of all of your own car, which is 1-2 days. In addition, the borrower is still just a simpleenjoy its unique vehicle while it is also in the secured s from a credit institution or a simple modern atolombarda.

The money is under the secured of the modern car and the conditions for their quick:

  • awcle itself should simply be registered in the name of the borrower, and it can not just be older than 20 years;
  • in advance should always be passed technical inspection itself and should certainly have insurance modern CTP (and Hull);
  • as the   the car should not be a simple unpaid leasing (sometimesThere is an exception - if that balance to lease quite small, it is also possible to get a loan at secured of your car and of all that money just to send to cover itself there is no such debt).


  • The money is directly under the secured Car always issued, without any assessment of the borrower's income contemporary;
  • You can always get a great financing even with bad credit for its history;
  • Do not show your lender as no documents (exception - if the client wants a modern podpisats agreement in a unique branch, rather than through the current   Internet);
  • It is usually such loans are always issued for a period which is up to 5 years.

How to lay his car in a simple online

Now it is possible to qualitatively and easy to make   a simple Internet, the same way, sackedthe hold it once - do not even have to go anywhere or just to go.

a simple procedure of obtaining money under modern secured cars is now very simple and consists of a unique four steps:

The client directly applies a unique online by filling out a simple Ankeindicating that it is their surname, first name, passport details, and all data on your car - a simple registration certificate number and the registration number, etc. The lender always decides for 30 minutes and simply sends the client a unique electronic contract or associated with him directly by phone, as well as invites to your fbranch office of a contract for the conclusion on the site.

After a good sign the agreement the client gets is a unique up to 90% of the market value of all of its modern car.
The interest rate on the loan is determined, of course, individually and sometimes the customer   it may well be calculated by going to the home pageyour lender. The rate is always dependent on the amount of the loan, the term of its immediate issuance and monthly payments of. By increasing the term of the loan is reduced always unique monthly payments, but it also increases the total amount that will have to return later during the prime period.

The borrower can be directly advantageous to take credit for a longer unique period of time, because then all his monthly payments will be much smaller. But it is beneficial only in the simplest case, if he always knows what will soon receive a very considerable amount of money, which will allow him to repay the debt is always just ahead.

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