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Modern Consumer loan secured it second-hand ABit

The loan secured by a car - it's a cash loan, and it is one of the fastest and easiest way to get today's relatively high (cash) money to any urgent needs. Offering just take the cash loan is secured by a car, Pawnshop   guided by contemporary needsstyami all customers who need a source of money for various needs. On a simple cash flow of funds you just no one has the right to request your report. It is important that it is you have an easy way to repay unique take loan secured by car.

The benefits of the unique loan secured automatic dimmingThe abundance in the Pawnshop:

  • the speed of the decision to grant your loan;
  • is the lack of hidden fees;
  • the possibility of early redemption is just a loan secured by car without any penalties.

The Pawnshop loan is secured by cash excludes carst any risks in itself. Deposit - it is certainly no more than a pawn shop a unique guarantee the return of all of its credit facilities. We pay great attention to what is unique throughout the entire period of use of loans secured by car you just have the right to use your own transport means.

Terms of exactly where you can well take a loan against your car simple and, of course, clear:

  • The term of the unique lending;
  • The age of your vehicle at the end of the term of the loan agreement itself is not to exceed the amount of certain years;
  • Provide inthis loan - used cars category "B", ie cars;
  • LTV (loan-to-value) ≤ 60%, which simply means that the entire amount of money provided by the pawnshop loans are not directly should always be more than 60% of the appraised value of collateral modern cars;
  • all insurance providedOia itself is carried out according to the modern "Insurance Regulations for the segments of the retail business." For the quality of all vehicles older than 5 years it is not allowed simply to insure the unique hull;
  • Insurance accident is a simple case of the borrower, who just took out a loan in cash   bail ency-ac car, according to the basic tariff is unique for the life of all modern credit agreement;
  • The interest rate of the whole - some% per annum;
  • A single whole commission - 1% of the total loan amount is.

How even in the simple design of any other unique loanCash will be needed all the documents proving the solvency of the borrower directly. Pawnshop provides a great opportunity to take a loan secured by a unique high-quality second-hand car in all cities of the country's largest, which has branches directly Pawnshop, having a small set of documents.

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