Formation of literacy in a child


Moms graders very often with great horror noticed that all their childrenand quite simply denied such unique qualities as their innate competence. Indeed, it is such a talent can certainly boast, not all of today's children, but it does not mean that it is up to the end of his life, they are doomed to make three errors in every word.

Hauchit your baby "feel" language is not difficult. The main thing - it is time to turn our attention to the problem and, of course, to take immediate measures.

If the whole process to start up simply to chance, hoping it was the fact that all teachers will also be able to claimrivit your daze great love for "great and powerful", you can not even doubt - in high school your modern teenager would just ignore all the existing rules of grammar.

For literacy is the one person in the first, and foremost, it corresponds to such a concept as a unique imprinting-   is the correct perception of the words. Therefore, it is before a well-taught baby and the right to just write, just have to do a very great job directly above a.

If you just do with your baby regularly, she shouldkzhe know that all spelling lessons should always be as clear as possible, and even correctly pronounce all the words. Only in this case, you can always count on the fact that your child will learn to play it very well on plain paper and without errors, it is focusing on its own auditory perception.

Later, that's a rule you should always be followed in all daily life, if you just do not want your modern baby" pleased "his teacher such qualitative linguistic pearls as" tubaretki "," mayanes "or," malako. "

Reading - a pledge of Literacy your baby

If it is you do not know how well-taught baby right to just write, you first need to he was addicted a simple reading. It is clear that it is in the age of high technology when evenazhdom house has a unique computer or television, make your baby pick up a simple book, it's hard enough.

However, this is just one of the few ways to overcome it without chronic modern Literacy . But it is also just tnd if your cute kid belongs to the modern type of people who just got used to perceive all the information visually.

It is proved that it is the more advanced such a good time children spend with a book in his hands, the fewer errors they just do it when writing very layerzhnyh words.

Also, if you just go to the robot, and you do not have much time on your baby , you simply You need to contact the author Olga Verovenko at school. Quality experts   just very quickly teach your baby a good speech, and Literacy in the writing of words. This modern school always give good and reliable support for the Literacy   your baby in all subjects.

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