What is a tender?

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The tender provides a conventional name of open trades thatin the modern world are the most common method to carry out public procurement. Conducting various public tenders have to be governed by the relevant laws of the Russian Federation and, at the same time controlled by the Ministry of Economy (special unit - Tender Committee). Correspondinglytively, requires the development and approval of tender documentation and this handled by experts.

What are the requirements?

Tenders for the number of stages and the form is divided into:

  1. Open;
  2. Closed;
  3. Single-stage;
  4. Multistage.

The most simple and often conducts one stage open tender.

During the multi-stage open tendering, at every stage of the information about the procedure and the object of purchase is specified, but may be changed. Results of open trades are subject to mandatory disclosure in special funds infortion and appeal in case of violation of the rules at any stage. This is important because all bidders have equal rights, and the victory should be based only on legal grounds. The winner is the one who offers the best scheme, which will assess the customer.

When are closed and public auctions?

Closed trades are conducted in cases where the object or service the customer is a state secret. Such trades are not subject to disclosure, and take part only before certain businesses.

The state tender purchases are conducted in cases when the subject has a purchase price of 300 000 rubles. In order toto carry out a tender to find a contractor to perform certain work, it is important to know that the cost of such work should be almost three times more than the cost of purchase.

Authorized body responsible for setting and monitoring of the above procurement is the Ministry of Economics of the Russianoh Federation. Any government procurement can be carried out only after the direction confirmation and permission to conduct the Ministry of Economy (provided by the organizer / customer of the tender).

The use of budget funds for the public procurement procedures (tenders) as well as all of the above factsheetand procurement should also go to the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation and the Chief Audit Office (it must necessarily happen).

Implementation of the tendering of government contracts every state now runs according to the annual plan developed and approved in the prescribed manner appropriatebodies.

ads tender procurement procedures and the results of competitive bidding should be officially made public by publication in the official information bulletin "Bulletin government procurement", as well as on a dedicated web-portal of the Ministry of Economy. A lot of useful information on public procurement can be foundand on the respective Web sites.

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