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The competent selection of key words and the right is the first task to do prodvizheniya any   Site is sold.

The problem is that the keywords directly in the usual SEO-promotion, as well as key phrases that are used to declare Yandex directives may constructed differently. The main difference is that alyuchevye and key words for SEO should be selected specifically for search engine robots, and there is a duty to be present on the page, exactly in the same form. Very often, they begin to build a fairly dry, for example « leather gloves & raquo ;, « send flowers » and the like are the same generic key phrases.

ThWith regard to the key words and key Yandex Direct, they must be combined precisely those queries that can enter living people. Below given are some guidelines that it is important to take into consideration. They are about how to choose the right keywords directly to the main Yandex Direct.

It is important to enter into the role of the buyer is only live and then you can write keywords.

For example, let's'll order pizza. Then, for this you need to   maximum « go into the role » a man who wants to order   among pizzanight. Only then will you realize that this man can enter into a search engine does not necessarily phrase « order pizza & raquo ;. It can use different options, thus accurately predict what is not possible. What are they like? Let us know about it:

  • « Pizza delivery at exactly »,
  • « Need a pizza home & raquo ;,
  • « Where can I order a pizza »,
  • « pizza with chicken, overnight delivery »,
  • « Hawaii home » (this is the name of the pizza)

A few times have you can not see all the options, but still look like expanded the list of keywords.
So, toak usually as simple and vital, and it should be an example of your work. Remember that such phrases are key, because many people are introduced simple and short phrases to quickly find.

There is no need to use common key phrases that are in one word.

It is important toenter a query, including the only keywords. The most important thing – take the participation of your ads on a particular get your request. Here the main zakovyrka is that if there was a request, here for example, « where you can order pizza & raquo ;, the ad with key words « pizza » under equal conditions Sun.when thou will have implications for Yandex   Directives as well as a higher priority because the declaration holds general keyword « Pizza & raquo ;. If this keyword also correctly attach to the text ads, the excellent clicks, you will be provided.

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