How to please themselves with flowers in winter: hyacinth on the window sill

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< p style = "text-align: left;"> Almost all women love flowers. Some of us have a lot of potted plants on the windowsill. And especially nice whenthe cold season, you can see at home bright colors fragrant spring flowers. To please the eye, many women a few times, just the middle of winter, grow flowers hyacinths. More about this can be read here.

Make it easy. Autumn buy hyacinth bulbs. Choose crnd a beautiful, intact, at least 4 cm in diameter. They must be stored in a cool place. Anyone who lives in a city apartment, it is better to bulbs "live" on the balcony (just make sure that the temperature does not fall below zero). In order to achieve flowering, do this: a bulb planted in a small pot, deepen it by one-third. Cover dark mkAnya ... and put in the fridge, on a shelf for vegetables. Little by little watering. After 10 days (when the plant will be extended by 3-4 cm), drag it on the window sill, but away from the battery. Optimum temperature for good flowering - 15 degrees If the warmer, the flowers will form inflorescences not fully elongated or deformed.

Hyacinths bloom in an apartment for long, but spring fragrance in winter will bring you great pleasure. After flowering bulbs, you can not throw them, and planted in the flower garden in the spring in the country. Re can not expel them, but next spring they will bloom outdoors

Alternatively, you can SELECTamb calla …

Hyacinths are very good and bright colors. But, for me, their flavor is very concentrated for the room. To indulge in the winter flowers, I have several prophets grow calla lilies. In the cold season fault live in my house at a temperature of 10 to 17 degrees. Higher temperaUru they carry very heavy - sick or die. And in the spring (when the danger of frost passes) I drop them in the ground under the fruit tree to hide from the scorching summer sun. Normally I watered almost every day, because these beauties are very fond of moisture and mold. The roots of mulch is desirable to cover - so the moisture longer continue and seblah remain loose. All summer calla gain strength from the earth and trace elements. In autumn, when the temperature drops to 10 degrees again, I transplant them into pots and climbs to the house. Here are my beauty start to thank me. First produced very strong, big, thick legs to dark green leaves. And at the end of November my callabloom high snow-white candles. Their aroma faintly, but very reminiscent of spring smells young greens. Each flower blooms for nearly a month. A bloom lasts from late November to May. All my winter and spring holidays are a good, delicate flowers, from which you can also make a bouquet. Here you can create such miraclesbe your own hands.

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