All about metal-ceramic crowns, their advantages and disadvantages

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As the name implies, metal-ceramic crowns consist of a metal base on which is fixed a ceramic surface. As materials for the base are cobalt-chromium and Nickel-chromium alloys. Also, some products are made of precious materials such as platinum, gold, palladium, etc.

And frame layers applied ceramics. The application of each layer is accompanied by the heat treatment that occurs in a special furnace. This allows you to achieve the most robust connections metal and ceramics.

is There a need for the removal of the nerve prior to installation

to Remove the nerve before installation of metal-ceramic crowns should be only if there are indications for removal. It is better to install the product on a "live" unit, so it is more reliable. As you know, after removal of the nerve, the tooth is considered dead, and therefore more fragile. This means that the crown will hold it less securely. Sometimes you have to remove the tooth. In this case, the product is attached to the implant.


  • In prosthetics indicator of aesthetic importance. In this case, the figure is very high. If the product is done efficiently, it will be virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth;
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  • High durability and reliability. Strength gives cast frame, and the veneer ceramic is not susceptible to abrasion, and not affected caries. Albeit rarely, but in some cases, it may be chipped. This is due to defects in manufacturing. If a problem arises, it is quickly eliminated. The product is made properly, will last for 8 years.


  • To install you need to run the ground tissue of the tooth. So, if you want to restore the front teeth, it is recommended to opt for veneers;
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  • In most cases, it is necessary to perform deponirovanie, as there is a risk of thermal burn pulp.

Video about the features of the production of crowns-metal

Indications for the installation

  • porcelain fused to metal crowns are ideal for restoring posterior teeth;
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  • are Used in bridge prosthetics. Crowns are installed on the trimmed teeth and be a support for the prosthesis;
  • This product is used to protect the tooth after treatment of pulpitis.

This is the most popular and economical form of restoration.

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