The secret of the enormous popularity of sushi


Latest Asian (especially Japanese) has become an indispensable component of our regular diet. A similar trend is observed in all corners of our planet. It is hardly surprising if in the near future, Japanese cuisine will start to displace the pizzeria and McDonalds . What is the secret of this astounding success? For some reason, more and more people choose this dish of Japanese cuisine like sushi?

it Seems to be a very simple dish, nori, rice, processed or raw fish + the skill of the cook who can turn these ingredients into a real masterpiece! Sushi is a great snack (low calorie, delicious and easy). Moreover, many fans of this dish say that the sushi is exquisite. It is doubtful that anyone will stay indifferent after seeing such a harmonious combination of tastes, shapes and beauty of this dish! So what is the secret of the popularity of food from Japan? Why people stop the choice on sushi? This is what we tell the employee of the company COSIMEX that delivers .


the Secrets of popularity sushi:

  1. Indisputable and absolute benefit. The components of this dish the ingredients have a lot of vitamins, minerals (iron, zinc, iodine, phosphorus, potassium, chromium, selenium), amino acids, and essential fatty acids. These substances in the human body are not synthesized, but deal only with food from the outside. Also, they improve the activity of the brain, prevent the appearance of many diseases of the cardiovascular system, but also enhance intelligence;
  2. Good digestibility, easy and low calorie. A huge number of fat people 100% refuse to sit on such diet;
  3. Japanese centenarians - where the same without them. The life expectancy of citizens of the country of the Rising Sun, according to various estimates, accounts for approximately 80 years. Now just compare these figures with the national figures the duration of life (70 years). Many doctors attribute this difference directly and with the correct healthy diet of the Japanese.

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