How does the ultrasound?

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ultrasound therapy Techniques are used in many areas of medicine. This is a universal method of disease prevention and treatment. The company Fizioter offers a wide range. These are models differing in features, value, brands and manufacturers.

the Principle of operation is based on ultrasonic waves in the range of one megahertz. The sensor inside the device is designed for three levels of operation. This is a weak, normal and boosted signal. Are available as stationary devices and portable devices that can be used at home.


That gives the ultrasound?

the advantages of this equipment include:

  • pain reliever. Ultrasonic treatment helps to relieve pain, improve the patient's condition. This means exposure to painful places you can have a therapeutic effect to a depth of 4 cm.
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  • Healing. The physiotherapist recommends ultrasonic type devices for the prevention spasms and inflammation. During the course of a few treatments in the short term to get rid of the consequences of various injuries.
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  • Treatment at home. To work with this technique do not need special skills. The impact zone is applied a special gel that comes with the apparatus. Next is the procedure of ultrasonic treatment, which lasts no more than a few minutes.

Why is it safe?

With the help of devices is a micro-massage of individual regions of the external tissue. The fact that ultrasound has no negative impact on the body. Wave passes through the body, warm, but not to a critical temperature, which can cause consequences. Therefore, the presence of such a device can be an excellent prevention to maintain a healthy body.

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